If I request a FOB offer and the supplier agrees, I should in the contract of sale on the terms of shipment something like « The second party undertakes to provide the goods to the carrier with the name » … to deliver is in the « port address » … David Potts, Chief Executive, said about Amazon`s agreement: F-3.3 We can, at our choice, allow you to send units at your expense (as described in section F-9.2) to fulfillment centers with reduced shipping rates that we can make available to you for certain carriers. In this case, you will use the processes and provide the information we need for you in order to get such discounted prices. They must also comply with standard operating procedures, weight and size limitations, and other shipping requirements of the carriers concerned. If we provide you with the estimated shipping costs before shipping, recognize and accept that actual shipping costs may differ from these estimates. If the weight of the unit, as determined by the respective forwarder, differs from the weight of the unit you have transmitted to determine the estimated shipping costs, then: a) you can charge more than the estimated shipping fee if the carrier finds that this unit weighs more than what you deposited; or (b) You may be charged the total amount of estimated shipping costs, even if the carrier determines that the weight is less than the weight you present. You will not have information about the transit account (z.B. The carrier`s account number, the amount of the postage, etc.) use or disclose this information to third parties for any purpose, and you will protect the confidential information provided by Amazon in accordance with Section 11 of the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement. Between you, us and the carrier concerned, you will be the sender of the check-in, and we will make the payment to the carrier regarding the shipping of all units with such discounted prices.

The title and risk of loss for any unit shipped at reduced prices that we provide in accordance with this section remains with you, and our availability of these shipping costs does not create any liability or liability to us with respect to delays, damages or losses caused during shipping.