Joint agreements are recorded in the module of the higher education system of the Common Management System (PeopleSoft) and in ASSIST. Joint agreements can be initiated by external universities or CSULB faculties. Articulation agreements are valid for the minimum period of the year of study in the university catalogue and the CSULB catalogue in which the course is published, and these agreements are generally extended for a period of five years. They may be cancelled in unusual circumstances, regardless of the choice of regulatory policy. Nevertheless, the choice of the CSU`s regulatory policy is fundamental to California`s higher education master plan. They promise students the stability of the institution`s requirements and are based on the currency and accuracy of articulation agreements and evaluations of transcripts. The articulation specifically refers to the aesthetics of the courses: the process of developing a formal agreement, written that identifies courses (or course sequences) on a « transmitter » campus that are comparable or acceptable to certain course requirements on a « receiving » campus. The success of an articulation course assures the student and the faculty that the student has taken the corresponding course, that he has received the necessary training and preparation and that similar results can be assured. In short, the articulation process allows the student to reach the next level at the host university.

C-ID is a common numbering system of California Community College for major transfer courses. Each C-ID number identifies a lower division, a transferable course that is usually articulated between California Community colleges and universities. The C-ID program offers CSULB the opportunity to expand the articulation without reviewing individual programs. The approved articulation with a C-ID course descriptor means the agreement to articulate the CSULB course to each california Community College (CCC) course that receives this specific C-ID designation. The CCC course framework is verified and approved by an intersegmental faculty examination team (CCC, CSU, UC) in this discipline to include content processed in the descriptor. It is a one-to-many articulation agreement that the CSULB would not check sketches of individual CCC courses, but accepts verification by the faculty team above. For more information, visit the joint office (X58221) or the C-ID site.