Sy sdh read up to chapter 24 b.Is the last one. ? It`s in the new marriage agreementkk. 😊 « I owe a lot to Pakde and Bude. Hurting your hearts is the last thing I`m going to do, » Tari said, sobbing. There you go. I hope you don`t see him again. Shortly after her marriage, Bian Tari asked to sign a stamp duty agreement that contained her budget for only one year. Then Tari divorces and Bian returns to Sarah`s arms. Bian did not respond. His stomach has become nauseous, his head is shaken. They play all day, almost every ride defies the adrenaline rush they try.

Eventually, Bian took his wife on a bianglala journey. The stars are already visible in the darkness of the night. You can see the twinkling lights of Jakarta from above. « I`m asking for compensation if you hurt, » Tari separated. Wedding Agreement also seems reasonable, thanks to Archie`s flexibility in putting on a hijab dance. While she is only at home with her husband (a maid named Bi Darmi, played by Yati Surachman, absent from the screen), Tari does not wear a hijab. Good story, thank you. In particular, the first 👍👍 thank you for the useful information, do not forget to also visit my official website I want to buy mba novel. Home in sukamandi subang Iya Novelnya marriage of Mbak Mia Chuzaimah From here we know that Archie knows very well where the marriage agreement will go. It`s nice to see the headliners of this film bringing a domestic drama to life and making jokes on occasion. This joke taught us that Bian and Tari have a strong chemistry. This makes the audience understandable with the end of the story.

« Why you? Dizziness? Tari asked, seeing her husband`s pale face. For example, when Bian told her that she had to attend her parents` birthday later in the afternoon. Dance that ujug-ujug wanted to prepare, protest, why Bian didn`t say it. « That tells you, » replied Bian, light and flat-looking. The « Downtrodden » dance can turn things around through a moment. Tari turned his head and discovered that her husband was being cared for with his work clothes. « Mrs. Darmi didn`t come in, » Tari replied, while continuing to dry the dried clothes. « I want to ride this! » cried Tari, pointing to a large boat that oscillated high. The dance nodded enthusiastically and smiled widely. Best day ever. As the first book, Wedding Agreement was a great start for filmmaker Archie Hekagery.

Despite his mistakes and advantages, Archie Hekagery was able to send a message smoothly. Far from the impact of sermon and judgment. It is ready for the cerbungnya mbak version, For more details in the alhamdulilah marriage agreement has been published, please contact the author :). Another hilarious scene where the secret of sharing the couple`s bed is almost revealed. Refal`s expression was really hilarious. On the other hand, Indah`s panic, which was trying to manage the situation, left a beak. Another advantage of the film is that Archie`s flexibility in polishing the « Home » scene becomes romantic. .

Bian was breathing deeply. .