From there, you can create successful class function categories together. Here are some suggestions to implement this collaboration in the class contract: how will we deal with each other, with ourselves, with our equipment, our learning time? Joint agreements create the Community. We can deliberately create a culture of teaching mutual respect and cooperation by establishing, modeling and making all participants accountable for support agreements on how we learn together. You may already have such agreements; You may have created them in collaboration with your students. We move on to how a « great » classroom sounds (what they hear in terms of noise and what people say). Children assiduously share their ideas and I add them to this section. You have weekly class meetings. During our class meetings, children are encouraged to openly share feelings, gratitude, and compliments. and solve problems. I hope this and future contribution in this series will give you lessons and ideas that are easy to implement today in your classroom. I hope you`ll see the benefits of how your students interact, deal with the ups and downs of their day, and make decisions in the classroom and playground.

In addition, you will see the many small bodies in your classroom become full, peaceful, friendly and strong bodies. It`s a great resource! I`m doing this for the first time in my kindergarten class this year and I was happy to see how to deal with the little ones. Hello, Amanda! Yes, it becomes the general expectation of my classroom that students must follow. I think if we develop them together, they are much more invested in following them. I also use a variation of the Whole Brain rules available on my blog. When I attended classrooms this school year, I saw a lot of cooperation contracts. I love seeing the students` signatures. Teachers who have started creating collaborative classroom contracts with students say it`s such a powerful way to create not only their students` buy-in, but also a culture of collaboration inside the classroom. It`s never too late in the school year to establish a common classroom contract with your students. If you have any other ideas, feel free to share them with me! Finally, we talk about what it`s like to have a « great » classroom (how they feel at school and how people make them feel). This part is a little more difficult for children.

When you speak, encourage them to reflect on how they feel on a good day and when good things happen. It is a good practice for children to identify different emotions. As you develop a classroom contract with your students, let them know that they are important members of the class community and that their ideas are important. This contract is a symbol of teamwork, cooperation and respect. It lets children know and reminds them of the role they have as individuals. It`s a powerful thing! If we enter this new school year, it is really useful to build a strong and positive community and classroom culture. One of the ways, as I have seen, that this has been done well is to establish a collaborative classroom contract with the students. By allowing students to give a contribution to the contract, you create a sense of community and increase the student`s buy-in, because it is authentic, relevant and meaningful to them.

Read and practice with the class….