From the point of view of one of the parties, licensing agreements are generally personal and specific to the current operator and the landowner. Legally, a rental agreement is a set of rights awarded by the landlord to the tenant and incorporated into the land. In comparison, a license gives only a privilege to use the property, which makes this act lawful. When you rent individual parts, it`s a difficult call. It depends on the actual regulations, but the Court of Justice has tended in recent years to prefer an AST – that is what you should do. This means that there are no circumstances under which you can use a license agreement safely for student accommodation. We have a longer article on how best to rent a room that provides a more detailed explanation. Tenant lawyers whose clients are late can no longer delay an eviction decision by up to six months. If their license customers do not cure their standard, customers will be subject to the peaceful evacuation of self-help from licensed premises quickly and easily. Owners will no longer assiduously forego outstanding income and funds to ensure the recovery of ownership of the premises at any given time. The bargaining leverage will shift in favour of the owner-conedant, who will either be able to demand the full payment of the defaulting licensee if he wants to avoid deportation, or to demand the peaceful detention of the premises with the full support of the law.

For owners frustrated with the good facts and real estate with the latest computer entry systems, this is a long-awaited revolution. (i) the licensee may levy a tax on deposits of all or part of the licence to pay for cleaning and/or repairing damages caused inside the residence, with the exception of debt securities for which the culprits are not traced; d) If the licensee wishes to leave the establishment at any time after the start, but before the expiry of the licence period, he must inform the licensee. The licensee is solely responsible for the occupancy of the dwelling created by their departure, by finding an appropriate replacement licensee. If the taker manages to find an appropriate replacement, he must inform the licensee immediately; I. We assume that the licensee uses illicit substances such as drugs or other substances harmful to health, including legal limits During the term of the licence agreement, the licensee is granted the right to share and use common areas, shared facilities and outdoor spaces with other licensees and occupants of the residence of which the accommodation is a part.