[emporikes ipochreosis] – commercial commitments – business practices/honest practices attributed to them in the agreement, do we pass on any information to third parties? We do not sell, trade or transfer your personal data to third parties. This does not include trusted third parties who assist us in the operation of our website, in the execution of our business or in the management of our business, as long as those parties undertake to keep this information confidential. We may also share your data if we believe that disclosure is appropriate to comply with laws, enforce our website policies, or protect our rights, property or security. However, non-personal visitor information may be made available to other parties for marketing, advertising or other purposes. συμμετοχή σε συνδικαλιστικές οργανώσεις = trade union participation (με) αμοιβαία συμφωνία [me amoivaia symfonia] = (by) mutual agreement Σύμβαση εποπτείας επί πληρωμή = proctorship agreement σύμβαση εφοπλισμού = ship management agreement σύμβαση ανοχής [simvasi anohis] = standstill agreement σύμβαση αναδιάρθρωσης οφειλών [simvasi anadiarthrosis ofilon] = debt restructuring agreement συμβάσεις χρηματοδοτικής πώλησης και επανεκμίσθωσης ακινήτων = sale and leaseback agreements απεικόνιση [σήματα] = device (figurative element) [trademarks] ενεργητική νομιμοποίηση = standing to sue, locus standi διακοπή συγκοινωνιών/εργασιών [diakopi sygkinonion/ergasion] = breakdowns of transport/operations αδικαιολογήτως απών [adikeologitos apon] = Absent Without Official Leave, ΑWOL επίδοση δικογράφων = service of process χρονίζοντα εμπόδια = lingering obstacles με γνώμονα την μείωση του κόστους = cost-effective κεφάλαια από λειτουργικές δραστηριότητες [kefalaia apo leitourgikes drastitiotites] = funds from operations (FFO) Συμβολαιογράφος = Notary (Notary Public is a public servant hence the term cannot be used with reference to Greek Notaπαρries) στο ποσό δεν υπολογίζεται ο ΦΠΑ = amount net of VAT ημεδαπή δημόσια τάξη = domestic public policy . Absent or derogatory. Description of the design, `dummy racing test`, dry running, dry running, `container station`. αρκούνται (π.χ.