The time has probably come to finally reduce everything that has been going on for a long time about the misunderstandings and incessant quarrels of the notion of renunciation. The meaning of this term is always to give up certain RIGHTS, certain powers, powers, claims, benefits, privileges, etc. It is impossible, for example, to translate « refusal to perform the contract » as a waiver. For an understandable reason: the performance of a contract is not a right, but an obligation. A refusal (performance) of obligations, obligations, etc., in English, is transmitted in other words (e.g. B as already mentioned here, the refusal to perform the contract is a refusal. There may be a waiver and many other things.) Note: Acts or statements that are made during the creation or performance of a contract may constitute a waiver and prevent a party from enforcing a contractual right (e.g. B where an insurer is excluded from liability on the basis of facts known to it at the time of issue of the insurance policy). Different standards are applied by the courts to determine whether different constitutional rights (e.g.

B right to legal aid) have been abandoned in criminal matters. The Los Angeles Superior Court does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of information translated by Google™ Translate or any other translation system. In addition, some applications, files, or items cannot be translated, including graphics, photos, or some portable document formats (PDFs). И когда дошёл до « or in case of renunciation by the party that renounces respect » возникла проблема. Как правильно перевести. В лоб получается – « в случае отказа, стороной, отказывающейся от исполнения соглашения ». Т.е. если другая сторона взяла и рещила изменить договор, она берёт и делает это без всякого согласия с другой стороной. Что-то здесь не так.

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