P-I can offer a complete and cost-effective service to ensure that all parts of the USUs system are fully operational and optimal. Another way to improve maintenance agreements is reliability and safety, thanks to improved average repair time (MTTRs). In the event of an emergency, industry standard practice provides preferred response times to customers who have entered into agreements. In addition, most service providers store their spare parts based on the number of contract systems and the corresponding geographic locations. Ideally, customers would have a 24-hour field technician. Unfortunately, few budgets allow for such a quick solution. As with covering protective parts, you should be careful when including emergency response times in a maintenance contract. Different response times can cause significant differences in the price of an agreement. Our most comprehensive and popular plan, this contract offers solid savings and optimized comfort. Full service includes planned proactive maintenance to ensure the best performance (and efficiency) of your USUs devices. Full service maintenance contracts also include 24/7/365 emergency services, the PowerTools suite™ energy management software, and all parts and manpower. The fixed costs of this contract allow for budgeting and planning of $1.50. This contract is available for specific UPS maintenance services that are not covered by a regular service contract.

Work and mileage are charged at an agreed rate with a minimum work fee of 4 hours and a travel fee of 50 miles. At Server Room Environments, we offer one of the most comprehensive USS battery maintenance and service areas in the industry. We have a standard set of UPS maintenance contracts with optional extras to customize your UPS service plan for your website. If you are soliciting offers from multiple service providers, you should carefully review the bids to ensure that each bidder is committed to meeting the indicated response time. A response time of 8 to 12 hours for most intermediate-level critical loads is an appropriate standard. For high-end critical centers, the standard standard is 2 hours to 4 hours. Preventive maintenance contracts do not include emergency care, but offer the benefits of our experienced field technicians and proactive service. Emergency events and all necessary parts are covered at hourly and materials prices. Among PM contracts, the PowerTools suite ™ software solutions. UPS systems require annual inspections and service visits to check consumables such as batteries, fans and capacitors.

A preventative up-and-purpose up maintenance visit allows our energy engineers to inspect the USB system and ensure that your business is protected from power outages. A typical maintenance visit includes visual monitoring of uninterrupted on-site power supplies and battery kits, UPS maintenance bypass devices, LV switching and network/telemonitoring control systems, as well as available protocols and firmware history. Thermal imaging technology can be used to identify « Hotspot » switching equipment and additional battery tests when needed. For customers who wish to have a fixed response time as part of their UPS interview, we can offer a Diamond level service.