An immediate concern that is often not covered is privacy. Timid buyers must agree on this point even before full negotiations begin, and once these provisions have been incorporated, they must extend to third-party suppliers. However, advertising about the yacht itself and technical innovations will improve its reputation and increase its resale value. A new boat project often looks like a « chicken and egg » puzzle; Customers struggle to commit to designing until they have a reliable estimate of construction costs, but it`s difficult for potential builders to estimate cost without some design information to work from. To overcome this bump, we often agreed to prepare preliminary drawings and specifications for a small fraction of the total design costs. Drawings are developed to scale in CAD, but can only contain a sail plan and interior design, a small subset of a complete list of drawings. Necessity specifications contain a number of assumptions and estimates, but they at least give one manufacturer a starting point and a useful basis for discussion between all parties. « Independent Third Party Supplier » means any supplier (other than a shipyard) engaged by the Customer to provide services and/or deliver goods to the Customer if such services and/or goods are directly or indirectly related to the subject matter of the Contract or any part thereof, including naval architects, engineers or companies providing design inputs (other than the Company); The agreement should also stipulate that the designer authorizes the owner to provide the design services and drawings to one or more builders in order to receive offers and proposals for the construction of the yacht, provided that the owner signs a non-disclosure agreement with each selected builder, which, among other things, protects the intellectual property rights of the designer. Royalties: The agreement should include royalties to be paid to the designer, usually by boat.

The fee is usually paid in full when the ship`s hull is completed and needs to be paid, whether or not the shipbuilder receives immediate payment for the ship. Our agreement for a single custom design is usually a simple one-page document that lists the services to be provided by the designer to the client, the remuneration to be paid by the client to the designer, and the conditions under which both take place. This agreement is usually accompanied by three exhibits; a preliminary drawing describing the design concept, a list of drawings to be submitted and preliminary specifications. .